A fast operator can key 5 invoice per hour.......we can give them ability to key 20 per hour or your money back. 
You can be set up in as little as 2 days

Advanced invoice OCR processing has had a major technology breakthrough thanks to machine learning advancements. Let us show you a behind the scenes look.

Let us also show you our latest in indexless document archival......Scan and store...no steps inbetween! 


Radiant Solutions is a premier Ancora solutions provider.

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About us...

Founded in 2001, Radiant Solutions Corporation is dedicated to the task of building, maintaining and enhancing high-quality document automation solutions.  The Radiant consulting team has extensive experience with the design, construction and ongoing implementation of forms processing and electronic document management solutions.

Schedule a 30 minute call to find out more

In our call you will...


Understand the value of this leading edge  scanning technology


Discuss if and how this technology can fit into your organization


discuss next steps...demonstration, costs, timeframe, etc.

What People Say

"Our time to input invoice data has been cut by 90% thanks to Radiant Solutions"

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